Apple Store iPhone Incident 2009: Apple Incident "We bought an iphone to sell for Katrina victims, then were yelled at by tv news guys shooting on the street outside the Apple

store on iphone release day . They called the cops. 6/29/07 for more info about Hungrr. iPHONE CHARITY AUCTION SOLD EBAY ! for more info about Hungrr. HUNGRR,LLC. is NOT a non profit, it is a HUNGER AWARENESS COMPANY. 100% of proceeds went to FOODBANK OF NORTHWEST LOUISIANA

Update: Hungrr gave the G4 network on camera guy a button. He looked at it and gave it back smiled and said something like "You're getting some mad coverage", then the other guy came over. The hollering guy came over later when Hungrr was across the street and apologized, he said he was just following orders. Hungrr subsequently received an email apology from someone claiming to be the guy. There were many tv and radio stations broadcasting from that corner. A few minutes before this occurred Hungrr was speaking with a guy from Bloomberg News who was set up there and broadcasting from the very same spot. Thanks to all the nice people we met on the line at the Apple store. American people are generous and hard working people. We are not being sarcastic. We mean it. Give a few bucks to your local food bank or volunteer some time." -Hungrr PS - (made on a mac) TV-14 Parents Strongly Cautioned (L) strong coarse language

On June 29th my friend and I were walking along 5th avenue with they threatened jail if he didn't leave the corner. I still have the little orange pins (I took two) on my bags that I carry everywhere I go. Recently I finally found the time to go to the website and I wish I had gone sooner. I was raised in one of the wealthiest places in Queens, Forest Hills. I literally lived just around the corner from Burns Street, a private little neighborhood full of rich people. Little did anyone know that my family was living our own private struggle of poverty. This past year my family (Mother, 3 older sisters and 3 young nephews) and I were evicted from our apartment of 15 years. Currently we reside in a homeless shelter in the South Bronx. It's a completely different view here then we ever had in Forest Hills. Gun shots, abuse, and struggle are constant visuals of 'our block.' When we first got here we had absolutely no money in our pockets and nothing but hope and water to keep us alive. When we asked for help from the Government we were told we would have to wait for assistance but in the meantime to drink lots of water until food and money arrived. It took 10 days for food and 6 months for money. My nephews range from 2 to 7 years old, imagine telling three young children that they have to ignore their hunger pains and to just drink water. It's unthinkable. We've been here since October and yes we've gotten help although we still struggle constantly. The sad thing is, this entire shelter is full of families. Children just like my nephews, and teenagers just like myself. All of us have similar experiences, days without food and nights without dreams. I showed my mother the video on youtube and she said "They pushed him away just like they did to us." The sad thing is, most people imagine the homeless to be these hairy, smelly, drunken old men but so many of the homeless are children, babies, teenagers, and families who just ended up in a bad situation for one reason or the other and because of this situation, poverty, our voices tend to be hushed or ignored. I know Hungrr isn't about the homeless but by speaking up about hunger- you're helping to be one of the voices of the hungry and the homeless. The fact that anyone, other than myself, cares enough to speak out for those who can't, is a beautiful thing and restores my faith in people. This is kind of an unusually long message to send you but I felt like it was a small way of expressing myself and thanking you. Keep doing what you're doing, it's amazing. I'll keep on wearing the pins on my bags and if there is anything else I can do to support you- let me know. Thank you for supporting those in need. Sincerely, Megan Sughrue (The girl in the black tank-top trying to get a picture with the mascot before the police pushed him away)

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