Overtime Star Wars Parody in aid of the Nystagmus Network Charity 2009: bankers barclays

This is the Higher Quality version of Overtime.

We shot this over a 6 week period late in the evenings and weekends.

I picked up the tab, and it cost about 40 to make.

I did the FX work at home, working nearly every evening for a month! Almost killed me! LOL...

We held a Charity Premiere on the 13th June to raise awarness of a condition called Nystagmus.

Please visit the charity's website http://www.nystagmusnet.org

Also, if you wish to donate money to this charity, you can do that using this website http://www.justgiving.com/fraught

So far, we have raised around 800, which Barclays have generously doubled!

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